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An exposed and uncovered community pool can be expensive to heat. Solar panels take up too much valuable space and are only really effective in the summer months of  July, August and September. The same months when the majority of pools need little or no heating.
Our community pool heaters are fitted with Sanyo compressors which are designed to operate under the most demanding conditions.
Using a night time electricity tariff to heat the pool, a volume of 500 cubic metres of water should only lose only 5 degrees, even during the winter months. So running costs can be kept at an absolute minimum, and the pool can be used in comfort into late evening.


Regardless of the size of the pool, Swim 365 will supply, fit and maintain your custom made heating solution.

The property owners of your urbanization will be able to enjoy the facilities year round, with the added bonus of being able to rent their properties for longer and for more money.
Typically, our expert fitting teams can install a heater in one day.

All heaters are made to order with special attention not only to the size of pool, but also the weather conditions an uncovered pool is exposed to.


For spa heating Swim 365 are pleased to offer our range of low-noise, anti-vibration models.
A spa should be a tranquil area and with our vibration dampers fitted as standard on all of our ultra-low noise heaters, we can ensure that your clients will able to enjoy their spa experience in peace.

Our specialist spa models are all fitted with Panasonic compressors and with a trusted manufacturer as well as a comprehensive guarantee, spa owners can be confident that their facilities will remain open all year round.


For larger pools up to and including Olympic size (2,500m3) our range of heaters with Sanyo technology offer a compact and efficient solution for heating, whether indoor our outside. Our maintenance personnel offer a full day’s on-site training for your staff on how to operate the heaters and are always available to help and advise, should the need arise.
With galvanized steel plating to eliminate rust coupled with high and low pressure protection you can be sure that your pool can stay open on time, every time.

Extended warranties are available.  

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